Sometimes It's Better to Rinse Exterior Surfaces

Sometimes It's Better to Rinse Exterior Surfaces

Find out how our exterior cleaning professionals wash delicate surfaces in Palm Coast, FL

Do you need to wash your roof, fence or another delicate surface? Consider scheduling soft washing services. The exterior cleaning professionals at Pro Wave Pressure Washing in Palm Coast, FL provide world-class service to area home and business owners. We’ll go the extra mile to protect flowers, bushes and landscaping features from our cleaning solution by soaking them or covering them with tarps.

Don’t settle for dirty exterior surfaces. Hire experienced exterior cleaning professionals by calling 386-338-8767 now.

Learn more about soft washing

We soft wash surfaces by:

  • Mixing water with sodium hypochlorite and an industrial-grade surfactant
  • Applying the custom cleaning solution to your surfaces for a predetermined amount of time
  • Rinsing the surface with low to medium water pressure

We provide customizable soft washing services in Palm Coast, FL, meaning that we control the amount of cleaning product and the pressure of the water we use. Reach out today to request a free estimate.